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How Sprinkler Winterization Can Save You Money

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  • Winterizing your sprinkler system before the winter months can prevent pipes from cracking due to freezing water, which can lead to more expensive repairs and installations. 💰
  • Skipping winterization can also delay the growth of your grass in the spring due to faulty sprinkler zones, which can result in wasted time and manual watering efforts. 🌱
  • JB Lawn Sprinklers offers winterization services as well as an Annual Maintenance Agreement, which includes winterization, spring activation, and mid-summer check-ins, along with priority scheduling, discounts, and ongoing monitoring of your sprinkler system. 🌡️
  • JB Lawn Sprinklers has been in business for 17 years and specializes in irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting installation and maintenance services in Southeastern North Carolina. 💡
  • If you have any questions or are interested in JB Lawn Sprinklers’ services, you can contact us online or by calling our office at 910-794-8042. 💬

Why should you winterize your irrigation system?

Imagine…Spring is here, temperatures are getting into the 60s and 70s and your grass is beginning to turn green again. You turn on your sprinkler system but only certain zones are working or even worse, your entire system isn’t working!

After having a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technician come out, you learn that some of your PVC pipes cracked because your system wasn’t winterized. Now they have to dig up your system and repair your pipes, which is going to hurt your wallet. All of this could have been avoided by simply winterizing your sprinkler system! 

Why Winterization is Cost Effective

sprinkler winterization saves money

Service Is Less Expensive Than Installation

Think about it, when you have a vehicle it’s cheaper to do oil changes and rotate tires than it is to buy a new car. It’s the same reason why winterizing your sprinkler system for the colder months is more cost-effective than the potential risk of water freezing inside your sprinkler system, which could potentially crack the pipes or valves in your sprinkler system requiring repair and installation.

The risk of potential replacement costs far outweighs the service fee to have your sprinkler system winterized.

Delaying Your Spring Grass

While not winterizing your system can cause cracking and in the long run be more expensive for you, it also hurts the future growth of your grass in the spring as well. When you go to turn on your sprinkler system at the beginning of Spring, you notice that some or all of your zones don’t work. By the time you schedule a consultation, pick a company to go with, and have the work done you’re looking at potentially having a couple of weeks pass by; or even longer! Meanwhile, your grass is not getting the water it needs or you’re having to lug the hose out in the yard on a daily basis.

All this can be prevented by simply winterizing your sprinkler system!

Make Winterization Even Cheaper

While winterization is a one-time service that you can sign up for with JB Lawn Sprinklers, we also offer an Annual Maintenance Agreement. This Annual Maintenance Agreement enables you to have your sprinkler system winterized, turned on in the Spring, and a mid-summer check-in with a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technician. Our Maintenance Customers get priority scheduling, discounted prices, and around-the-year eyes on their sprinkler systems.

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How To Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers

If you have continued questions about winterization or getting scheduled for our winterization service, feel free to contact our office at 910-794-8042 or contact us by clicking on this link to our ‘Contact’ page. If this is the first time you’re learning about our company, JB Lawn Sprinklers has been in business for over 17 years and specializes in irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting installation and maintenance services.

We are based out of Wilmington, NC but work throughout many cities within Southeastern North Carolina, such as Carolina Beach, Leland, Southport, Wrightsville Beach, Castle Hayne, Burgaw, and many cities in between.