5 Tips To Get Your Irrigation System Ready For Spring


With over 15 years of irrigation installation and repair experience, JB Lawn Sprinklers has dedicated thousands and thousands of hours between our Irrigation Technicians to educate, train, install, and repair irrigation systems. As you can imagine, over that time we’ve learned a thing or two! Our staff has put together this blog as a way to impart our decades of wisdom to homeowners and business owners that maintain their sprinkler systems themselves. JB Lawn Sprinklers employs Certified Irrigation Designers, Certified Irrigation Contractors, and Certified Irrigation Technicians that have been educated and certified by the Irrigation Association


5 Helpful Tips For Your Irrigation System

1. Test Your Irrigation System

When turning on your irrigation system for the first time of the year, we recommend testing the system out in its entirety. That means firing up the irrigation controller, testing the zones, pipes, valves, and sprinklers heads to make sure they’re still working properly. By running water through all of these parts, you should be able to determine where potential leaks might be occurring.

2. Place Cups Throughout Your Lawn

Although it might seem unorthodox, placing cups (with a small weight so they don’t fall over) throughout your lawn will help test the spacing of your zones. Think about it, cups that have no water show that part of your lawn is not receiving any irrigation. Knowing this, you will be able to adjust sprinkler heads for better coverage.

3. Don't Overwater Your Lawn

While overzealous homeowners believe watering their lawn every day is necessary, every other day is more than enough. Just a simple 30-minute session (give or take depending on your coverage) will provide plenty of water for your lawn. Warm season grasses like centipede grass and Bermuda grass can retain water adequately and take the heat of the sun’s rays.

4. Water Early In The Day or Late At Night

During the Spring (and especially during the Summer) watering your lawn either before sunrise or after sunset is ideal for your lawn’s hydration. The reason is during the day, much of the water will end up being evaporated by the sun before it’s absorbed by your lawn. Spraying your lawn before the sun rises or after the sun sets allows your lawn to consume all the water before some is taken away.

5. Replace Old Sprinkler Heads

Even though old sprinkler heads might be working, they might not be getting the job done like newer models are capable of. Newer models like PGP Ultra Rotors not only cover a wider radius of property but are more water efficient to boot. For a small cost, you could cover more area and pay less on your water bill. Sounds like a win-win!

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How To Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers

Even DIYers need help sometimes with their irrigation system and that is what we’re here for! If you could use some assistance from a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians, we’re here to answer questions or for consultations. If you would like to ask a question or schedule an appointment, please feel free to reach out office at 910-794-8042 or by our website through this link.