Sprinkler Winterization Wilmington NC

sprinkler winterization wilmington nc

Although Wilmington is known for its hot Summers, the city is situated far enough north to have a Winter season as well. During Winter months, Wilmington often has nights that drop below freezing temperatures. While this is nice for those who enjoy snow, it’s precarious for homeowners or business owners with sprinkler systems. Freezing temperatures can lead to water within those systems freezing, causing burst pipes, cracked pumps and backflow preventers, busted valves, and sprinkler heads. The prescription for this issue is a “blowout.” A blowout is when you force the water out of the system by using compressed air, to ensure the system’s safety through those freezing months. During this blog, we’ll discuss the benefits of winterization for your sprinkler system and how to get in touch with our JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians with any questions.

Benefits to Sprinkler Winterization

Protect Your Sprinkler System

Just as you don’t want water freezing in the pipes of your home, it’s a similar effect on freezing water within your sprinkler system. Trapped water within your irrigation system sits within the irrigation system when the system is not “blown out” or winterized. When water freezes within the pipes, valves, or sprinkler heads, these items can crack and need to be replaced. While sprinkler heads are inexpensive repairs, backflow preventers and pumps are most costly to replace. Keep in mind that the winterization process is something that homeowners are capable to addressing themselves with the right equipment. Using an air compressor and an air hose, an irrigation system can be winterized when executed properly.

Prevent Costly Repairs

When systems are not properly maintained over winter, damaged pipes and PVC pipes underground can lead to costly replacements. The toughest call for homeowners to make is to the JB Lawn Sprinklers office in the Spring knowing their sprinkler system isn’t working. The fear being that over the winter a pipe burst due to freezing water expanding. The remedy for this being a “blowout” which pushes the air and water from the sprinkler system, keeping it safe over the winter. While Wilmington only sees the potential for freezing temperatures a couple months out of the year, the phrase “better safe than sorry” is something to keep in mind when comparing the cost of winterization versus a full-on irrigation system repair.

jb lawn sprinklers wilmington nc

How To Contact J B Lawn Sprinklers

If you have any additional questions about how winterization works, the benefits, or about getting scheduled to have your irrigation system winterized, our office is available 8am-4:30pm on weekdays. JB Lawn Sprinklers has trained Irrigation System Technicians on staff to answer any questions or complete the necessary maintenance. If you’re unfamiliar with our company, JB Lawn Sprinklers is a locally owned and operated company based in Wilmington, NC. We service many areas within the State of North Carolina, mostly in the Southeastern region. These cities include Carolina Beach, Leland, Hampstead, Wrightsville Beach, Kure Beach, Southport, Burgaw, as well as cities in between. Our office phone number is 910-794-8042 or you can email us via our Contact Us link.