Day In The Life of a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technician

To understand what it’s like to be a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technician, we asked one! Tyler Regalado has been with JB Lawn Sprinklers for over three years and has been a Residential Irrigation Technician for the past 2 years now. To better understand the day-to-day of what an irrigation technician does, the process they use on the job site, and what it’s like to be a part of JB Lawn Sprinklers as an organization, we asked Tyler for his opinion. What we found out was very interesting and made for a great read!

What is your preparation like on a daily basis?

Tyler explained that the JB Lawn Sprinklers office has a detailed scheduling system that allows him to know his schedule for the upcoming week. Not only does it schedule, but it maps out the most efficient paths so he knows what order to service the homes. From there, he will look at the jobs he has the following day to understand if he has the right controllers, materials, or parts in his truck or will he need to go into the office the following day to pick-up equipment. Tyler usually services anywhere from 5-7 homes a day and will try and pick-up other properties if he finishes early to help homeowners on the JB Lawn Sprinklers waitlist.

What are you thinking about on the way to property/once you get there?

All Tyler is thinking about when he’s driving is keeping his eyes on the road. Traffic in the Wilmington area throughout the day helps to keep Tyler mindful of the cars ahead of him so he gets safely to each stop. Once he gets to the property, he has a checklist of items he goes through to make sure the irrigation system is operating properly. This includes:

  • testing the irrigation controller for errant programming
  • programming irrigation controller scheduling
  • checking for weeping or leaky valves
  • making sure that sprinkler heads are rotating and spraying properly

Give me a story or an example of the best or most challenging parts of your job

Tyler explained that the hardest situation he was ever in was a homeowner who had a tree root system almost “take over” their irrigation system. It took Tyler 13 hours over 4 visits to dig up and rip out a root system that had grown around the valves and pipe system. The best part for Tyler is being able to work outside and “be in nature.” He enjoys being able to work outside with his hands and see deer and other wildlife.

What is one thing you’d like to share with customers?

Tyler wanted to share that when it comes to irrigation related services “you get what you pay for.” He’s had to have some difficult conversations with customers who have had irrigation system installed by other companies that were not done properly and had to essentially “start over” with a new irrigation system. Tyler also shared “it’s great to work here” when talking about JB Lawn Sprinklers. He’s shared that Joe, Elizabeth, and the rest of the management team really care about you and want to grow team members from within. Tyler had a lot of great things to share about the culture of JB Lawn Sprinklers and how much he enjoys working for the company.

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How To Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers

If you would like to inquire about having a JB Lawn Sprinklers Technician come out to your home (or even have Tyler Regalado be your technician) feel free to contact our office at 910-794-8042 or you can click this link that will take you directly to our contact form. JB Lawn Sprinklers handles irrigation installation, maintenance, and repairs for many different irrigation system brands both residential and commercial. We’re based out of Wilmington, NC and service much of Southeastern North Carolina.