Winterizing Your Sprinkler System Wilmington NC


Sprinkler Winterization in the Port City

As the weather continues to cool, winterizing your sprinkler system is a great way to prevent damage to your system in the offseason. Winterizing your sprinkler system uses compressed air to remove water from the pipes, which can potentially crack during below freezing temperatures. Also called a “blowout”, J B Lawn Sprinklers and most irrigation companies recommend and perform this type of service to help their customers preserve their systems.  J B Lawn Sprinklers is based in Wilmington, NC but services many areas throughout Southeastern North Carolina such as Leland, Carolina Beach, Kure Beach, Hampstead, Wrightsville Beach, Burgaw, Southport, Jacksonville, and other cities throughout the state.

Why Should I Winterize My Sprinkler System?

We understand that winterizing your sprinkler system might seem like an extra expense but many of our annual maintenance customers enjoy having their system winterized for the protection it offers homeowners. After investing thousands of dollars into your irrigation system, protecting your system from potential damage due to freezing temperatures will offer peace of mind.  While Wilmington doesn’t experience extreme cold temperatures compared to northern areas of the country, this area still experiences subfreezing temperatures typically from December to February.  The most vulnerable parts of an irrigation system are above-ground components, such as Backflow Preventers, Pumps, Hose Bibs, PVC Piping, Valves, etc. Freezing temperatures can lead to cracking  of these components, which would need to be replaced in the Spring, or worse if it causes an emergency leak! As you do additional research on the benefits of winterization, we recommend taking a look at this article from Hunter on winterizing your irrigation system.

Can I Winterize My System By Myself?

The short answer is ‘yes’, you can winterize your system by yourself. Using an air compressor and an air hose, you can “blowout” your sprinkler system. First, turn off the water supply and open one zone at a time. After opening the drain valve, connect the air line to the blow-out port. Then connect the other end to the compressor and blowout the lines.  The sprinkler heads should pop up and spray water when done properly. Make sure you utilize the proper PSI as too much pressure can melt plastic while lack of pressure will not clear the system effectively. If you have any questions, there are some great resources online like this DIY article from Family Handyman.


How to Contact J B Lawn Sprinklers about Winterization

If winterizing your irrigation system is something you’d like to have done this Fall or Winter, J B Lawn Sprinklers irrigation technicians would be happy to assist you! Our J B Lawn Sprinklers team members have plenty of experience winterizing irrigation system to get them prepared for colder temperatures. Following the winter months, those same J B Lawn Sprinklers team members can revisit your home in the Spring to have your system fully prepared for the warmer months! Our annual maintenance contracts allow our top customers to secure premium pricing and scheduling to service your sprinkler system all year round. If you have questions about how to winterize your irrigation system or annual maintenance contracts, feel free to reach us by contacting us through our website or give our office a call at 910-794-8042.