Well and Pump Services Wilmington NC

well and pump services wilmington nc

Why is my water bill so high?

For homeowners using municipal water, high water bills have prompted people to consider well drilling and pump services.  Changing from municipal water to well water can save homeowners thousands of dollars annually after investing into a residential well.  J B Lawn Sprinklers works with leading well drillers in the Wilmington area to offer high-functional deep and shallow water wells for your property.  Following the installation of the well, J B Lawn Sprinklers Pump System Technicians will take care of the rest by servicing pump installation, irrigation system hook-up, electrical services, and plumbing needs.  Our company works with customers across Southeastern North Carolina, in cities such as Wilmington, Leland, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Jacksonville, Burgaw, Southport, and other areas surrounding Wilmington, NC.

The Benefits of a Well and Pump System

  • Say ‘Goodbye’ to Monthly Water Payments: As you can imagine, not having a monthly water payment to Cape Fear Public Utility Authority or your local municipality would not only feel GREAT but also make your wallet a little heavier each month.  Sure, there is a one-time cost to have a well and pump system installed as well as maintenance on your system now and then, but compared to a monthly bill, the break-even point is typically within a handful of years.  This means if you’re planning on staying in your current home for a few years or more, it’s certainly worth the investment.
  • Cleaner Water: It’s no secret that Southeastern North Carolina has been known to have its issues with GenX and other toxins that have polluted our water supply.  There is a good chance that the groundwater on your property is cleaner than the municipal water that is flowing into your home right now.  Once we know the area your property is in, we will determine whether you are eligible for a shallow well or deep well.
  • Independence from Municipal Water: The reason some homeowners are not comfortable installing a sprinkler system or washing their car is because of the cost associated with municipal water.  When you have the independence of using your own well water, you can use as pump as much water as you want whenever you want!

What If I Already Have A Well with a Damaged or Older Pump System? 

Many homeowners may have a working well but have a damaged pump system or an older pump system.  Considering, the average lifespan of a well pump system is 10 to 15 years; it’s very common for a homeowner to go through one or more pump systems during their time on a property.  J B Lawn Sprinklers Pump System Technicians specialize in installing and replacing pump systems Wilmington, NC and throughout Southeastern North Carolina.  Depending on your whether you have a shallow or deep well, we recommend different pump systems.  The two most common systems being submersible pumps and jet pumps.  Jet pumps use pressure and suction to draw out water in both shallow and deep-water wells, while submersible pumps push water up through a single pipe.  Submersibles are more likely to be recommended for deep-well water wells, as they are effective for hundreds of feet in depth.

j b lawn sprinklers wilmington nc

How to Get in Touch with J B Lawn Sprinklers about Well and Pump Services

We understand that installing a well is not something that you decide overnight.  It takes time to consider all the options and experts in your corner to help make you make an educated decision that is right for your property.  As always J B Lawn Sprinklers is available Monday-Friday to help customers with questions. Feel free to contact us through our website via this link JB Lawn Sprinklers about any well drilling or pump system related questions.  Also feel free to give our office a call at 910-794-8042.  For additional resources about well drilling, check out Angie’s List.  If you’d like to know more about pump system options and costs, we recommend taking a look at HomeAdvisor.