Seasonal Irrigation Tips

As an irrigation company that assists homeowners and business owners with every aspect of their irrigation system, we help customers transition their systems between seasons. This includes converting the winterized sprinkler system following the winter season to spring and then making seasonal changes from spring to summer. These industry secrets are something our JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians share on an annual basis with our customers but for the purposes of this blog, we’re going to share them!

Winter To Spring Seasonal Irrigation Tips

Whether you made the decision to winterize your irrigation system or not, transitioning your irrigation system from winter to spring is a major change. Spring turn-on is when you turn on your irrigation system for the spring season with fingers crossed that it’s working optimally.

By working optimally that means all zones, pipes, valves, and sprinkler heads are working as they should. If you begin this process and notice unusual things like no water is running, lack of pressure, too much pressure or leaking valves, it might mean you suffered damage over the winter.

Next, you want to check your zones individually by turning on your irrigation controller and running them. Look to make sure areas appear to be getting equal coverage.

When it comes to weekly programming for your lawn, be mindful of overwatering your lawn. Once grass starts growing, some homeowners want to water their lawns every day. That is not necessary! Two to three times a week for 30 minutes before sunrise or after sunset is perfect.

The reason we recommend before sunrise or after sunset is because it allows water to be absorbed by your lawn before the sun’s rays possibly evaporate it.

JB Lawn Sprinkler Irrigation Technicians offer Spring Turn-on services as well irrigation repair services in the event you need assistance with your irrigation system.

Spring to Summer Seasonal Irrigation Tips

Now, the transition from spring to summer are mild changes compared to winter to spring but still important. We have a couple recommendations for homeowners or business owners with irrigation systems as Wilmington weather heats up.

First and foremost, adding a day or two of additional irrigation cycles might be a good idea during the hot summer months. Every other day is ideal and potentially 5 days a week in extreme heat and humidity might be helpful. However, on days where we receive rainstorms, make sure to turn off your irrigation system if you don’t have a rain sensor.

Another tip that was mentioned briefly in spring that applies even more throughout summer would be sprinkler head spacing. If your sprinkler heads don’t reach certain parts of your lawn, odds are that patch of grass is going to turn brown and die throughout the summer from lack of water. 

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