Landscape Lighting Wilmington NC

landscape lighting wilmington nc

HighLIGHT your landscape

The ability to entertain guests and fully light your property with landscape lighting is a great function.  J B Lawn Sprinklers has helped many customers utilize this amazing capability all year round.  For fall and winter months when the sun begins to set in the early evening, it’s safe and convenient to have landscape lighting available.  For those warm spring and summer nights when you’re entertaining family and friends, outdoor lighting is a great feature to keep the party going.  We offer these services throughout Wilmington, NC as well as surrounding areas such as Leland, Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Burgaw, Jacksonville and other cities in Southeastern North Carolina.  

Benefits of Landscape Lighting

  • Make Your Property Safer: This is especially true in late fall and throughout winter when the sun sets as people are getting home from work.  Landscape lighting Wilmington NC allows you see your property in full to prevent tripping, falling or injury.  Landscape lighting is a great gift for elderly family members who entertain or spend a fair amount of time outside.  
  • More Light, More Fun! For those fun evenings you don’t want to end, now they don’t have to!  Our landscape lighting options allow you to entertain guests for late-night birthday parties, taking a late night dip in the pool, or parties around the holidays.  
  • Deter Criminals: Studies show that criminals are deterred by well-lit homes and tend to target homes where it appears homeowners are out of town.   
  • Enhanced Curb Appeal: Homeowners are always striving to make their home more appealing.  A landscape lighting system will allow you to show off the beauty of your home at night or light-up your backyard all year round.  Thinking about selling your home?  A landscape lighting system helps to brighten up your home and property at night. 

Landscape Lighting Options

We have a variety of systems to choose from which is why we recommend speaking to a J B Lawn Sprinklers employee about your lighting goals.

Our base package is made up of LED Path Lights to light walkways leading up to your front door.  A common add-on to our LED path lights are accent lights which allow you to illuminate trees, shrubs, or the front of your home.  Models range from LED Path Lights all the way up to the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC.   

The FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC, which is the Cadillac of landscape lighting systems, offers the ability to adjust color, brightness, and zoning all from your phone! The Luxor Wi-Fi app allows you to choose from over 30,000 different color combinations so you can decorate your lighting based on Christmas, Halloween, or anything in-between.

outdoor lighting wilmington nc

How to Contact J B Lawn Sprinklers for Additional Information

There are so many different options and factors to consider when looking into landscape lighting Wilmington NC.  The layout of your home, positioning the light in your front yard versus backyard, illuminating walkways or the front of your home, and budget are just a few of the important criteria to consider.  If you’re looking for additional information, you might find this article by Kichler useful.  Maybe you’re looking for inspiration?  If that’s the case, check out these ideas from DIY Network that J B Lawn Sprinklers can assist with in setting up.  Regardless of what stage of the buying cycle, we’re here to help!  Feel free to contact J B Lawn Sprinklers through this link or give our office a call at 910-794-8042.