French Drain Drainage Project Spotlight

At JB Lawn Sprinklers, we strive to offer custom solutions for homeowners and business owners based on their irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting challenges. We recently assisted a customer, Bob Brayman, who was struggling with standing water in his yard.

As he alluded to in his Google Review, “I had a lot of standing water in my yard during most rain events, to the point where it was building around the foundation.” Bob was not sure what to do at this point and called JB Lawn Sprinklers based on a recommendation. Our JB Lawn Sprinklers Drainage Technicians came out to access his drainage situation and created a custom drainage solution based on the needs of his property.

Offering Custom Drainage Solutions

When meeting homeowners or business owners for the first time, our JB Lawn Sprinklers Drainage Solutions Technicians want to make sure we can get an accurate evaluation of the landscape. In Bob’s case, owner Joe Bloch went Bob’s house to examine his property. The standing water in his backyard was top of mind for Bob and was something he hoped would be remediated. The flat terrain of the Greater Wilmington Area provides unique situations, in that our Drainage Team must evaluate the grade to solve this challenge.

Specifically for Bob’s situation, our Drainage Technicians mapped out a solution that would capture surface water and groundwater in the backyard and into catch basins and the French Drain. If you see the graphic listed above, you can view the plan that was presented to Bob. Most significantly, our installation team had to measure and record elevation changes throughout the property to ensure water would be carried away from the center of the backyard.

Following the elevation changes, our installation team installed a French Drain to further push the water from low areas to the street and over the curb via an outlet basin. Our installation team installed five catch basins throughout the backyard. These catch basins collect water while filtering sticks, leaves, and other debris. All of these drainage solutions work together to push water away to the edges of the property and keep Bob’s backyard dry!

Bob’s Feedback Following His Drainage Solution

Following up with Bob after his drainage solution, we learned that the challenges he was facing in his backyard were alleviated. Bob said of his experience, “Best money every spent! I never thought I could have a dry yard but the results have been incredible. I highly recommend JB Lawn. Thanks guys, for a job well done!” It’s an amazing feeling as a company when you’re able to provide the homeowner or business owner with a solution they did not know was possible!

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How To Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers About Your Drainage Project

If you are looking for advice on the drainage challenges you’re currently facing, we have technicians available to solve your issues. We’d be happy to get you scheduled for a drainage consultation! Please get in touch with us by email at this link to our website or by calling our office at 910-794-8042.