Signs That You May Need A Drainage System

Customers of JB Lawn Sprinklers come to us in a variety of ways. Whether it be through friends, family, referrals, Google, or a number of other ways.

However, one thing remains the same which is how homeowners realize they have a drainage issue. There are common telltale signs that homeowners give us which explain to us there is an issue. After seeing these signs, it’s typical that the answer for the homeowner or business owner is a drainage system.

Our JB Lawn Sprinklers Drainage Team is going to explain what these signs are and how to spot them.

What are typical signs of a drainage issue?

Standing Water After 24 Hours

If you find yourself swimming in your backyard a day or two after a storm, this tells our drainage solutions team there is an issue.

The challenge with Southeastern North Carolina’s landscape is the flat terrain which leads to standing water. The water remains standing because there is nowhere for it to drain to. In other areas of the country, the water will runoff to the lowest elevation, however when the land is flat, the ground can only absorb so much water at a time.

This can be remedied with various types of drainage systems such as french drains and catch basins, that move water away from your yard to the boundary of your property. 

Sinking Sidewalks

For homeowners with unlevel sidewalks, the case is often due to improper drainage. As it rains, the water goes underneath the concrete to the ground.

When the soil is consistently affected, you will have soil erosion underneath the concrete. If levels of soil are affected at different rates, you will see one part of the sidewalk “sink” compared to the other levels. Although frustrating, this can be repaired with a trench drain or other drainage solution. Sometimes an issue like this may need re-grading.

Washed Out Mulch Beds

Following a rainstorm, you might notice the same mulch beds washed out time and time again. This is usually caused by down spouts discharging large amounts of water in one spot.

One way to prevent this from happening is to install a drainage system which sends water through a pipe into a safer area away from the foundation.

Water Stains

While other types of drainage solutions are worrisome, this one might be the most troubling. If you notice water stains on the exterior of your home’s foundation, this is something that must be fixed.

When you’re talking about the foundation of your home, this something that should be taken seriously. The last thing you want to pay for is a foundation repair company coming to fix an often preventable issue. Foundation drains can begin to reroute water away from your home to offer relief to your foundation. 

How To Contact J B Lawn Sprinklers

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If you’re noticing some of these signs around your property, our JB Lawn Sprinklers Drainage Team is here to be able to assist you with drainage solutions.

Our company is based out of Wilmington, NC however we cover areas throughout Southeastern North Carolina from Southport to Burgaw, with many cities in-between. If you’d like to contact us by phone, our office number is 910-794-8042 and online by clicking this link