Drainage Services Leland NC

Drainage Services Leland NC

Common Drainage Problems

Living by the beach certainly has its benefits, but some of the challenges of living by the beach are the drainage issues caused by the flat terrain in this area.  These drainage concerns DO NOT have to be a persisting issue with your property! Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss some examples to alleviate these problems, whether it exists within your residential, business, commercial, or HOA property.  Regardless if you live in Leland, Wilmington, Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Jacksonville, Burgaw, or other areas within Southeastern North Carolina, J B Lawn Sprinklers have the drainage services to fix your drainage issues!

Examples of Drainage Solutions

  • Traditional & Gravel Free French Drains & Inceptor Drains- Whether your property is experiencing too much water near the foundation of your home or throughout your lawn, this is an effective way to reroute water to protect your home or create that front or backyard you always wanted! 
  • Catch Basins, Down Spouts, and Surface Drains- Catch Basins are used for surface water drainage and are very typical drainage solutions for customers experiencing excess runoff from gutter systems around the perimeter of their foundation.  Surface Drains are common in flat areas like Leland, Wilmington, and throughout Southeastern North Carolina where insufficient sloping prevents rainfall from drawing away.   
  • Foundation Drains and Retaining Wall Drains- With how much rainwater and stormwater can collect near the foundation of a home, foundation drains are a great way to protect the integrity of your foundation.  Some homeowners find retaining walls useful for the layout of their property.  When designing a retaining wall, incorporating drains within that wall is important to prevent eventual cracking and bulging from continued water pressure.  
  • Gravity Drain and Pump System- When we cannot design a system to gravity drain, we sometimes install pump system and sump pumps to move water uphill.
  • Infiltration and On-Site Stormwater System- This system will catch excess stormwater and rainwater run-off and allow it to percolate back into the ground. 

Additional drainage options include: Dry Wells, Swales, Regrading, Channel Drains and Trench Drains among others.  

J B Lawn Sprinklers Process for Drainage Services 

  1. Evaluate the Property- Each property has its own set of challenges and characteristics, so we’ll send a J B Lawn Sprinklers Technician to your home, business, or commercial property to evaluate your unique drainage issues.  Depending on where your issue is, we can examine your foundation, crawlspace, driveway, sidewalk, lawns, and landscape planting areas to make sure we are addressing your drainage issues. 
  2. Detailed Proposal- Following our evaluation, we’ll put together a thorough proposal detailing all the current or potential drainage concerns we discovered coupled with solutions for those concerns.  
  3. Completion of Drainage Services- After the customer decides to move forward with the proposed drainage services, we’ll work within the customer’s schedule to send out an experienced team of J B Lawn Sprinklers Installation Crew members to complete the desired drainage services.
JB Lawn Sprinklers drainage Repair Wilmington NC

How to Contact J B Lawn Sprinklers about Drainage Services

Please don’t be overwhelmed by the amount of drainage services available! While there may be dozens of solutions to fix the problem of excess water, J B Lawn Sprinklers will complete a thorough examination to reveal the best option for your property.  We educate our customers on the reasoning for our recommendation for specific drainage solution and the benefits for your property.  If you’re looking for additional information on drainage services, take a look at these resources on HomeAdvisor.  For questions related to drainage services, contact JB Lawn Sprinklers via this link or give our office a call at 910-794-8042.