Irrigation Tips Heading Into Summer

The transition from Spring to Summer from an irrigation perspective is an important one. As temperatures rise and the sun’s rays get stronger, your front yard, backyard, plants and flowers are absorbing more sunlight. Making conscious irrigation system decisions are important for the health of your yard. There is a sweet spot between soggy, overwatered lawns and brown, dried out grass. We are here to offer guidance and support to get your lawn where it needs to be!

Who is J B Lawn Sprinklers?

JB Lawn Sprinklers started as a small company 15 years with a couple guys who loved making their yards look good. Fast forward to today and we’re fortunate enough to be able to offer irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting services to homeowners throughout the Greater Wilmington area. From irrigation installation to irrigation tune-ups, we’re here to make your backyard oasis become a reality! We’re based out of Wilmington but cover all the way from Southport to Jacksonville and everywhere in between. Our JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians have been able to inspire lush, green lawns throughout Southeastern North Carolina!

Irrigation Tips

Don’t Overwater Your Lawn

We know it’s tempting to water your lawn every day, but it just doesn’t need it. With the proper coverage, a solid 25-30 minutes of water every other morning plus the days that it rains, your lawn will have more than enough water. For 7-10 day droughts, if you’d like to run your system for an additional 15-20 minutes on your off-days, there’s nothing wrong with that. However running your system every day is not necessary!

Choosing the Right Sprinkler Head

If you’ve ever done research on sprinkler heads, you’ll be surprised to learn there are many options to choose from. Just to give you a couple:

  • Turf Rotors – For homeowners with a large property or fairly far spaced out sprinklers, this allows the maximum amount of coverage. 
  • Rotary Sprinklers – These are a newer type of nozzle that are mounted to spray bodies. Both the Hunter MP Rotator and Rainbird R-Van are very popular in our region. 
  • Spray Heads (Stationary Sprinklers) – Spray Heads are for more specific, smaller areas. These work best in areas with close sprinkler coverage or flower beds.

Try the “Cup Method”

A good trick of the trade for checking coverage is to set-up multiple cups throughout your yard with coins at the bottom so they don’t blow over. Run your irrigation system and compare the water levels. Are they comparable? If so, then you have proper coverage of your property. If they are not close, it means you need to readjust your sprinkler heads or have that zone evaluated for a re-design.


How to Ask J B Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Related Questions

As you continue to research irrigation related information, we recommend materials on our website as well as this article by The Lawn Doctor. The article offers great insight on water frequency, types of sprinkler heads, and when to water. As you’re considering installing, adding, or fine-tuning your irrigation system, JB Lawn Sprinklers Technicians are here to answer any questions or offer a free consultation.