What Should I Look For In A Landscape Lighting System?

JB Lawn Sprinklers focuses on three key areas: irrigation installation and maintenance, drainage solutions, and landscape lighting system installation and maintenance. Landscape lighting is a fantastic way to take advantage of your entire property, no matter the hours of the night. Whether for safety, entertainment, or for aesthetic purposes, there are many reasons why landscape lighting make sense!

Our JB Lawn Sprinklers Landscape Lighting Technicians wanted to put together some ideas for homeowners or business owners considering landscape lighting. This article should give ideas to think about when it comes to landscape lighting. 

Factors To Consider When Landscape Lighting Shopping


Types of Landscape Lights

It can be overwhelming to think about the different types of landscape lighting systems available. There are different lights for different landscape lighting goals.

For instance, path lights do a great job of lighting up walkways for homeowners as they walk up to their home. Flood lights are a great way to ward off potential intruders as studies show that outdoor lights do a great job of warding off burglars.

Uplighting is a wonderful way to highlight the best features of your yard and home. For instance, trees, shrubs, parts of the home, and other aesthetics of the home. Other lighting types include step lights, garden lights, string lights, and spot lights, among others.

Picking the Right Landscape Lighting Company and Brand

Finding the right company with both the knowledge and quality of product is essential. The knowledge is important because the understanding of how to properly set-up the correct type of lights at the proper angle makes a major difference.

Finding a company with the many years of experience can only help your case when it comes to setting up lights in the right way. Just as important as the company installing the landscape lighting system, is the quality of the landscape lighting system itself.

Finding a good brand of landscape lighting system will not only show off your home in a bigger way, but a higher quality of landscape lighting will last longer.

What Are You Looking to Get Out of Your Landscape Lighting System?

There are many types of landscape lighting that serve many different functions. For instance, you may want to extend the hours you can use your property well into the night. For homeowners or business owners that like to host, string lights or the FX Luminaire Luxor ZDC would be able to accomplish this task.

For homeowners looking for additional security around the perimeter of their home, bullet lights and flood lights might be the best fit.

Another popular reason homeowners add landscape lighting Is for the aesthetic beauty that landscape lighting provides to their home at night. For homeowners, uplighting or path lights could be the ideal type of lighting technique to illuminate their property’s best features.

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