How To Get Your Sprinkler System Ready For Spring


As we head into the Spring season, many homeowners, commercial property owners, or business owners need to get their sprinkler system operational. This preparation varies from turning on their sprinkler system following a winterization service to having a technician run a diagnostic test to determine any changes or upgrades that need to be made. Whatever the case, JB Lawn Sprinklers has spent over 15 years training Irrigation Technicians in the Wilmington area how to inspect, prepare, and optimize your sprinkler system to have it running on all cylinders for the Spring and Summer months. 

The JB Lawn Sprinklers “Turn On” Process

Spring Turn On service is a major part of how we serve our homeowner customers. For customers that have winterized their system in preparation for freezing winter temperatures, our Irrigation Technicians take the necessary steps to “turn on” your sprinkler system. Starting with turning on water at the main valve or pump, then operating and adjusting the irrigation controller, inspecting spray heads and rotators, and drip irrigation. We analyze and report all factors so we can help your lawn to be at its best this Spring! Not only that, but our technicians offer suggestions on how to upgrade your system through our Customized Irrigation Reports.

Customized Irrigation Reports

Not only does our company offer services to get your sprinkler system operational for the spring months, but our Irrigation Technicians can also inspect your system to have it optimized! We inspect and generate a Customized Irrigation Report that touches on essential areas within your system: 

Irrigation Controller

Controllers have come a long way in the past few years due to new innovations and technology. Apps have made things like scheduling so simple that upgrading might be worth consideration. During this process, our Irrigation Technicians also turn on your sprinkler system to make sure all zones are working. We then analyze all zones to determine if your lawn is receiving proper water coverage.

Spray Heads and Rotators

Spray heads are most likely to be damaged during the winter months. Whether it’s due to clogs, damage, leaking, or simply needing to be adjusted, we note all damages in your report. These repairs are typically very inexpensive but slight alterations to spray heads allow you to cover a larger percentage of your lawn. 

Drip Irrigation

Issues with drip irrigation can cause high water bills due to leaking tubes so we examine all tubes and lines to make sure they are flowing properly. When we find holes in your tubing, we can replace these pieces to save money on your water bill and optimize the functionality of your sprinkler system.

Link to example of customized report

How to Get in Touch with JB Lawn Sprinklers

If you feel our Spring “Turn On” Service might be needed following winterization or a system optimization, JB Lawn Sprinklers has trained and experienced Irrigation Technicians ready to assist!  If you’re into DIY projects, there is an excellent article by The Spruce that offers step-by-step guidance on how to accomplish this service. Due to the drastic change in temperature and humidity, we offer quarterly and bi-annual maintenance contracts to help our customers. Our Technicians come out once in the Spring to repair and optimize your system followed by another visit in the early Summer to fine-tune your irrigation system for hotter, more humid months. If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to our office by clicking here to contact us or give JB Lawn Sprinklers a call at 910-794-8042.