Irrigation System Repair in Wilmington NC

Irrigation repair in wilmington

3 Steps to Troubleshooting Your Irrigation System

After a significant investment into an irrigation system, it’s frustrating when it stops working.  With over 14 years of industry experience, JB Lawn Sprinklers has worked with a variety of irrigation system manufacturers and has developed a detailed process to repair them.  JB Lawn Sprinklers specializes in irrigation system repair Wilmington, NC and surrounding areas such as Leland, Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Jacksonville, Burgaw, and many parts of Southeastern North Carolina.  In this blog, we will discuss our process to repair irrigation systems   

JB Lawn Sprinklers Process to Repair Irrigation Systems

  1. Turn on Water and Power up Controller: In order to determine where the cause of the irrigation system issue begins, we turn on the water to the system.  After starting the water, we’ll power up your controller to test the various zones of your irrigation system to see which ones are functioning properly.  
  2. Inspect Heads, Flush Drip Filters, and Tubing: Assuming the controller works properly, we’ll inspect your zones for leaking, worn out, or clogged heads to replace them as needed.  We’ll also check to make sure they’re rotating correctly.  Following our work on the heads, we’ll flush drip filters and tubing to prevent debris build-up.  Debris in your tubing can cause emitters to become clogged and render them useless. 
  3. Inspect System for Leaks, Pipe Breaks, and Valve Issues: To make sure there are no major structural issues, a JB Lawn Sprinkler Service Technician will inspect the irrigation system for potential leaks, pipe breaks, and stuck or weeping valves.  

Depending on what issues arise while completing the steps of our process, we’ll be able to trace back to the root cause of the malfunction.  From there we can work with homeowners, business owners, and commercial property owners to develop a plan to repair the irrigation system.  

JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Repair Wilmington NC

How JB Lawn Sprinklers can help with Irrigation System Repairs  

JB Lawn Sprinklers has perfected irrigation system repairs over 14 years.  Choosing the right irrigation company to partner with can add a lot of value to your home as proper maintenance of your lawn will not only add to the aesthetics of your property but also enhance the value of it.  For business owners or commercial property owners, irrigation system repair will provide an uptick in the value of your property while also showcasing the best version of your landscape to customers.  

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Our ability to irrigation system repair Wilmington, NC as well as various other areas such as Carolina Beach, Hampstead, Leland, Jacksonville, Burgaw, and many cities of Southeastern North Carolina make us a resource to those unable to diagnose the issues of their current sprinkler system.  We’re more than happy to come out and do a free estimate of your irrigation system to see if we can diagnose the problem and give you an idea of the cost to fix it.  Our website has additional information and we’ve also included outside sources such as Home Advisor  to walk you through what to expect when looking to repair your system.  You can contact JB Lawn Sprinklers via this link or you can give our office a call at 910-794-8042.