Commercial Irrigation Wilmington NC

JB Lawn Sprinklers is one of the leading commercial irrigation companies in the Wilmington, NC area. Over 15+ years, JB Lawn Sprinklers has repaired and maintained hundreds of irrigation systems throughout Southeastern North Carolina. From smaller HOA irrigation systems to golf courses and apartment complexes, we’ve taken systems that were in poor shape and optimized them for efficiency. While JB Lawn Sprinklers is based out of Wilmington, NC, we service and install systems in cities such as Leland, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Southport, Burgaw, and other cities in and around the coast.

What Separates JB Lawn Sprinklers From The Competition?


We’re not quite MDs, but our Team Members have gone through enough continuing education classes and earned enough certifications, they might feel that way! Owner Joe Bloch is a Certified Irrigation Contractor through the Irrigation Association. Not only does JB Lawn Sprinklers have a Certified Irrigation Contractor, but we also have a Certified Commercial Irrigation Designer, meaning, we have been accredited to be able to both design AND install irrigation systems, both residential and commercial. This means JB Lawn Sprinklers have teammates that have studied, passed, and been certified through an independent 3rd party to have the knowledge and know-how to get the job done!


When hiring a company for any project around your home or property, price is typically an important factor. Although price is an important factor, experience should not be overlooked. With JB Lawn Sprinklers, experience is one of our biggest strengths. With 15+ years of irrigation and drainage experience, we’ve seen it all and installed it all. When it comes to commercial irrigation systems throughout the Wilmington area, we’ve installed many of them and continue to service those systems annually for our customers.

Equipment and Staffing

As JB Lawn Sprinklers has grown as a company, we’ve allocated additional resources to equipment and staff. Our company uses the highest quality of equipment for our irrigation and drainage projects. While we own many of our day-to-day equipment, we have partnerships with local companies to rent larger equipment for larger projects as needed. 15 years ago, we started with just owner Joe Bloch, a couple employees, and a truck. Flash-forward to today, JB Lawn Sprinklers has over 20+ full-time employees, multiple irrigation and drainage teams, a fleet of trucks, and full-time office employees to handle invoicing and scheduling. If organization and professionalism is important to your commercial irrigation project, we’ve got you covered!


How to Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers

Commercial irrigation systems can be expensive depending on the size of the system, so there is quite a bit to research to determine what you’re looking for. In addition to our website, we recommend the resources on the Hunter Industries website as you learn more about the irrigation industry. JB Lawn Sprinklers installs Hunter products, both residential and commercial, so our irrigation team would be happy to assist with your irrigation installation if you pick Hunter products! To have our team members assess your property and answer any questions you might have, please feel free to give us a call at 910-794-8042 or contact us through our website.