Expert Backflow Testing For Wilmington NC


Backflow Testing is an important part of water quality control for residential homeowners and commercial property owners. Backflow preventers not only protect the drinking water for the property they’re installed at, they also help protect everyone’s water by ensuring contaminated water is not siphoned into the main water lines. Having a properly working backflow preventer is essential to the drinking water of a home. In order to make sure water quality is being maintained, having a backflow test done annually is required by the state. Local companies like JB Lawn Sprinklers offer annual backflow testing to make sure backflow preventers are operating properly. JB Lawn Sprinklers is based out of Wilmington, NC however we offer backflow testing in additional cities like Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Leland, Wrightsville Beach, Southport, Castle Hayne, and other cities throughout Southeastern North Carolina.

Why Backflow Testing Is Important

Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and other water purveyors require homeowners to have their backflow preventer tested on an annual basis and have the results reported. JB Lawn Sprinklers is a Certified Backflow Assembly Tester according to CFPUA. Now, what is the importance of backflow testing for homeowners? Water quality is essential for families when it comes to day-to-day lifestyle. Preparing meals, drinking water, bathing, and other water related tasks are all protected with backflow preventers. Backflow preventers prevent non-treated water from combining with treated, drinking supply water. These residential backflow preventers need to be examined at least annually to test for proper operation. If you would like to learn more about how backflow preventers work, this article by QRFS is extremely informative.

Why You Should Choose JB Lawn Sprinklers For Your Backflow Test

JB Lawn Sprinklers has been serving the Cape Fear Region for over 15 years and offers backflow testing and repair for Cape Fear Public Utility Authority customers, as well as other water utilities. As a leading irrigation and drainage company in Southeastern North Carolina and a licensed North Carolina Irrigation Contractor, we’re a top choice to rely on! As a company that is very passionate about irrigation and drainage, water quality is near and dear to our team members’ hearts! We take our responsibility to examine backflow preventers very seriously for the health of our customers. If you decide to go with JB Lawn Sprinklers, rest assured that you will receive a thorough inspection! 


How to Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers To Schedule a Backflow Test

If you’d like to choose JB Lawn Sprinklers to handle your backflow test, you can get on our schedule by reaching out through our website at our Contact Us page. You can contact our office by phone number by calling 910-794-8042. Homeowners are not required to be home in order to get backflow tests completed as our technicians can complete the task independently.