Backflow Testing Repair and Installation


As backflow testing experts in the Wilmington area, we strive to install, repair, and test backflow systems for all residential and commercial customers throughout the Greater Wilmington Area.  JB Lawn Sprinklers Technicians are certified In backflow testing by the North Carolina Rural Water Association. We conduct hundreds of backflow tests for homeowners and business owners throughout the year. During most of our inspections, we find backflow preventer to be working optimally, but in cases where it does not work effectively, our team is able to offer repair services. In cases of new construction, our technicians have experience in installing new backflow preventers. Throughout this blog, we’ll discuss what a backflow preventer is, how we repair backflow preventers, and how they are installed. If you’re new to our blog, JB Lawn Sprinklers is based out of Wilmington, NC and service backflow preventers throughout many cities in Southeastern North Carolina.

What Are Backflow Preventers For Exactly?

Backflow Testing is an essential aspect of water quality control for residential homeowners and business owners. Backflow preventers protect the drinking water for the property as well as prevent backflow of contaminated water from being siphoned into the main water lines. Having a properly working backflow preventer is of major importance to the drinking water of a home. In order to make sure water quality is at proper standards, having a backflow test done annually is required by the state. Local companies like JB Lawn Sprinklers provide annual backflow testing for homeowners and report these findings to the Cape Fear Public Utility Authority and other water providers. We take our responsibility very seriously as water is ingested and used in many ways like drinking water, bathing, and preparing meals among other daily tasks.

How To Repair Backflow Preventers

The goal of repairing a backflow preventer is to return the system to its normal factory settings. This means that any damage to the system must be examined by a professional to understand the specific issue. That being said, issues to backflow preventers can happen due to a combination of factors, including temperature, turbidity, factory issues, pressure, and just normal wear and tear. When examining a damaged backflow preventer, we analyze each individual part including test cocks, valves, check discs, springs, disc holder, etc. From there, we can trace the issue back to the source and make the necessary repairs to get the system working properly again.

How To Install Backflow Preventers

When installing a backflow preventer, there are a couple things you need to keep in mind. First is the code for the area you are installing the system. For the Wilmington area, it would be the State of North Carolina and specifically the codes set by New Hanover County and CFPUA. The backflow prevention assembly should be as close to the water meter or service connection as possible. In all cases, it shall be before the first branch in the water service. The double check valve and reduced pressure assemblies shall be installed at least 12 inches above the finished grade. There shall be 12 inches clearance on all sides of the assembly. The type of assembly shall be appropriate for the hazard as identified by the Community Compliance Office. An enclosure shall be provided that protects the assembly from theft, vandalism, tampering, weather, and freezing. JB Lawn Sprinklers, ensures that all Backflow Preventers installed by us meet these codes. 

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How To Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers

As you come across different backflow preventer questions, our staff is here to answer anything you need. If you would like to get scheduled or ask any questions, you can contact our office in a couple different ways. First, by phone at 910-794-8042 or through our website through this contact us link.