5 Tips to Increase the Curb Appeal of Your Home


How can I improve the curb appeal of my home?

Throughout our 15 years of serving the greater Wilmington community, we’ve helped many customers increase the curb appeal of their home. Whether it be through irrigation, drainage, landscape lighting, or other various projects, the J B Lawn Sprinklers Team has enjoyed being able to improve the look, function, and value of many properties. Our team decided to put together a list of the 5 best tips to increase the curb appeal of your home.

1. Highlight your Property with a Landscape Lighting System

This is such a simple way to highlight the best qualities of your property from dusk to dawn. Variations of landscape lighting range from path lights that guide the walkway leading up to your home, to tree uplighting that accentuate the limbs and leaves of trees and bushes, to home lighting that displays the front of your home at night. It’s always comforting to come back to a properly lit home so landscape lighting allows you to enjoy that sight and security. 

2. Keep your Landscape Healthy with an Irrigation System

Whether it’s for the convenience of a homeowner or the future sale of that property, an irrigation system is definitely a fantastic feature. Irrigation systems run most of the year thanks to warm Wilmington weather, so not having to pull a hose out once a day to water the lawn and flowerbeds is such a convenience. Not only does a sprinkler system cut down on house chores, but our customers love the ability to schedule watering cycles and not have to think about it. 

3. Consider Appropriate Drainage Systems

The challenge of living in a flat area like Wilmington is there no slope for water to runoff. There are many types of drainage options available depending on the pain point of the property. For instance, the two most common types of drainage problems are usually within the yard or around the foundation of the property. These challenges can be solved through French Drains or Foundation Drains. By solving issues with water pooling around the home, you can truly begin to enjoy every part of your property and increase the value. To see available drainage options, take a look at our drainage services page.  

4. Pressure Washing your Home

In order to help your home stand out, pressure washing the exterior of your home is a great way to wash away dirt, grime, algae, mold, and other pesky substances. No matter if you’re looking to sell your home or just want it looking clean, pressure washing is an annual recommendation for homeowners. Not only will a home or business look cleaner following a pressure washing experience, but safer as well since the detergents used in pressure washing break down mold, mildew and harmful fungi that can damage the integrity of a home. Our customers have had great experiences with All Brite Pressure Washing & More.  

5. Maintain Landscaping

A simple but effective way to increase the curb appeal of your home is by maintaining the landscaping surrounding your property. For instance, annually mulching and adding new flowers, shrubs, and bushes to your flowerbed bring color and life to the overall look of your home. Watering your landscaping and consistently mowing your lawn go a long way when it comes to the overall look of your property. When it comes to the fall and winter months, raking leaves and cleaning up debris around your property are a must. During spring months, don’t forget to trim trees and limbs to help your home remain visible from the street! If you have any questions or need recommendations on local landscaping companies, feel free to give our office a call, as the J B Lawn Sprinklers Team would be happy to assist.


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