Debunking Common Irrigation Myths

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As we head into irrigation season, our JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians compiled a list of our most common “irrigation myths” that customers have told us. Our team not only wrote down these myths, but we wrote the correct answer for these myths. If you aren’t familiar with JB Lawn Sprinklers, we are an experienced irrigation, drainage, and landscape lighting company based out of Wilmington, North Carolina. We service many areas throughout Southeastern North Carolina, such as Leland, Hampstead, Carolina Beach, Wrightsville Beach, Southport, Burgaw, as well as other areas. 

Common “Irrigation Myths”

1. Water Your Lawn Every Day 

Watering your lawn every day, even 100-degree heat in August, is still too much water. Warm season grasses in Wilmington can take the heat and retain water. As customers get their new irrigation systems, they love to put them to use and often overwater their lawns in excitement. 3 days a week is plenty of water for your property through Spring and Summer. 

2. Water Your Lawn During the Hottest Parts of the Day

 When you start your irrigation system during the hottest parts of the day, the sun and humidity will evaporate water before being absorbed. According to the NC State Cooperative Extension, the best time to water your lawn is between late evening to early morning (approximately 10pm to 8am). JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technicians also recommend watering your lawn after sunset or before sunrise for optimal effectiveness. 

3. A Start Time for Each Zone

 Our team members come across this myth often as homeowners believe that setting a start time for each zone is required. Most irrigation controllers require only 1 start time to begin a watering cycle and the controller will automatically start the next zone. If you program multiple start times, (called “stacking” the water cycle) it will result in wasted water and a high water bill. 

4. Run Your Zones for 30 Minutes

Rotors typically put down a water rate of ½ inch per hour. It’s true you’d want these zones to run for 30 minutes, however, spray heads have a precipitation rate of 1.5 inches per hour. Meaning, the zone would only need to run for 10 minutes! Also keep in mind that drip zones should run for about 30 minutes as well. If you’d like to know the output of your rotors, spray heads, and drip zones, have a JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Technician come out and examine your system. 

5. I Only Need 1-2 Sprinklers In My Front Yard

Even a basic square needs 4 sprinklers heads for proper coverage. “Head to Head” coverage allows you to uniformly distribute water throughout your entire yard. An irrigation designer should be able to explain how the system he or she is installing will provide head to head coverage! This is also another reason why repairing and adjusting sprinkler heads is essential to full coverage. 


How to Contact JB Lawn Sprinklers with Questions

If you have questions about these myths or any other irrigation related questions, our team loves to talk sprinklers! Irrigation related topics are enjoyable for us to research, so if you’re looking for additional materials, check our Blue Jay Irrigation’s “Common Myths and Misconceptions About Irrigation.” Our JB Lawn Sprinklers Irrigation Team specializes in optimizing irrigation systems, so if you need to repair, replace, or install an irrigation system we’re here to help! To contact our office, you can call at 910-794-8042 or reach us by website at this link.